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Basic Dental Implant Kit Universal tools & Instruments Surgical Sterilization CE – Comes in Pack of 1.


25pcs Universal Dental Implant Kit, Tools Instruments.

The Kit Includes:
3.0mm Trephine
4.0mm Trephine
5.0mm Trephine
6.0mm Trephine
7.0mm Trephine
8.0mm Trephine
9.0mm Trephine
10.0mm Trephine
Extender 2.33mm
Twist Drill 2.0mm
Twist Drill Bit 2.8mm
Twist Drill Bit 3.65mm
Twist Drill Bit 4.2mm
Twist Drill Bit 4.5mm
Twist Drill Bit 4.8mm
Twist Drill Bit 5.2mm
Bone Compression Driver 2.42mm
Bone Compression Screw 2.8/4.2mm
Bone Compression Screw 4.0mm
Hand piece Driver 2.42mm
Ratchet Driver 2.42mm
Hand piece Driver 1.25mm
Ratchet Driver 1.25mm
Torque Wrench
Sterilization Cassette / Box
All Instruments are ISO 9001:2008 CE Certified!

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